Wedding Catering


Three Catering Rules for a Perfect Weddings

Perfect Timing

Nailing down the timing when serving food is critical.  The food should be hot and ready at the exact moment you planned to start serving. 

A good caterer has served hundreds of events.  They know the timing at weddings can fluctuate and they are prepared every step of the way.

Perfect Quantity

Do you know how much food to order?

The caterer you choose should be able to accurately account for how much food to bring.

If you hire the right professional you won’t have to worry about running out of food.

Perfect Professionals

Is the catering staff a group of experienced veterans or are they amateurs hired for this “gig”?

The staff really does make or break the food service.  The great thing about professional staff, you might not notice them much.  They are busy keeping the food stocked, the guests happy, and the service area clean.  They arrive on time, help anywhere they are needed and clean up after themselves.

Full Service Catering

  • Featuring Tom’s Signature Menu
  • Gluten Free or Other Allergy Requests
  • Full Service Bartending
  • Professional Wait Staff
  • Packages for Every Budget
  • Custom Design Your Own Menu
    • Seriously Tom can “Cook Anything”
    • 100% Custom Menu Available

On Site Service

Tom’s Wilsonville Catering offers services from Salem to Vancouver.

We cover the whole Tri-County area.

From downtown Portland, out through McMinnville’s wine country, Tom’s van can be seen delivering his amazing food.

You Won't Regret Choosing Tom's Wilsonville Catering Company.

It’s an Enjoyable Experience From Start To Finish

Tom and His Staff Have Mastered the Soft Skills Necessary to Craft a Perfect Wedding Catering Event

Seriously the Food Is Incredible

The Menu Includes Great Tasting Options for Every Budget (We will find something that is sure to satisfy and won’t break the bank!)